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In larger organisations, it can be how the business model evolved. And in any kind of business, a bold statement about yourself can stand out. The first lines of any copywriting are the most important. If you grab the reader early, they’ll stay with you. This is a great experiment to try with your social media connections on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

But don’t get so hung up on perfection that you don’t write or publish the page at all. And the beauty of websites, as opposed to say printed brochures, is that you can continually refine them. If you’re a caterer, let’s see you surrounded my displays of delicious food.


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We try to practise what we preach at Taleist.Taleist’s About page is definitely about us. However, the words aren’t self-indulgent. This copy is not really about us; it’s about the reader’s problem. At the very least, however, have real pictures of team members.

We’ll schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live. Is not promoting your own business, although you may add 1 link in a byline. Has a unique topic that hasn’t been covered before on Contentime. If your application is successful, we’ll reach out to you for a short call and a paid written test.

They could relate to the owners and appreciated their sincerity. Your About Us page can include sections such as “Awards” and “Press.” It’s perfectly appropriate to mention past achievements provided they’re relevant and significant. Visitors to your About Us page spend 80% of their time looking at information located above the fold, according to recent studies using heat maps to detect reader interest.

And because I know you’re wondering… there is no right or wrong length on how much you should include here. Jim Kwik where he quickly shares his passion and mission to create a smarter and more caring world by helping you reclaim your power. Gimme a comment below if you’re already part of the global Copy Posse. I couldn’t ask for a radder crew of freelancers and entrepreneurs – so THANK YOU for being here, and thank you for your continued support, suggestions, and questions. And in today’s blog, I’m breaking down both formulas for you – step-by-step.

Visit some competitors’ “About Us” pages and see if they spark any new ideas for you. Publish your draft of the “About Us” page and see what kind of reaction it gets. Use feedback to continue molding it into a piece you’re proud to share with others. I know you want the copy on your “About Us” page to be perfect, or about as close as you can get.

These don’t have to be studio portraits. In fact, they’re more interesting if they’re not. They can be pictures taken in your work environment doing what you love. Also consider employing numbers or bullets. You can use them to create a list of your products or services, describe various steps in a process, or provide a historical timeline of your company’s development.

Like the busy beaver, we’re always building. 49 percent share content to inform others of products they care about, as well to change opinions or encourage action. To ensure your blog is at the right readability level. Not an academic essay or a technical manual. People are reading this stuff on the commute to work, or in their breaks, or when they’re relaxing, or as a Monday morning ease into the day. For a company likeArticulate, who writes a lot about tech, there are plenty of occasions where we get crossover topics.

Read through with one eye out for search engine optimisation and one eye out for human readability. These considerations are still important, even as search engines become more and more sophisticated. Get used tonoting down ideas whenever and wherever you have them, as well as keeping a list of potential blog topics that’s open to all of your content creators. Then, when it comes to ideation time, you’ll have a veritable war chest to play with – just unearth one of your banked topics, dust it off and get writing.

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