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” We concluded the ceremony by doing what most couples do on their wedding night. I helped Peggy out of her shoes and socks, then kicked off my sneakers. Next, we sat on the floor and smelled each other’s feet. Baptists would never think of doing such a thing. I’m pretty sure they forbid the touching of toes, too. It may have had something to do with different nap times.


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We mainly publish articles that provide faithful, insightful, and solutions-oriented commentary on current events. We seek articles grounded in scripture and theology that challenge the way we think and live, all with the goal of emulating Jesus’ love, mercy, and counter-cultural way of living. Interviews, book reviews, and sermons are also welcome. Fiction, poetry, letters to the editor, and press releases are rarely published. If you want your devotion considered, please send it according to the above guidelines.

Our only request is that you write from a decidedly Black perspective and aim to center the concerns of Black Christians. We prefer that you speak to a Black audience, but if you must speak to white people, please try to center Blackness. If you’re interested in submitted a blog post or article for C&K, please fill out the submission form below. Please review Contributor’s Guidelines prior to submitting. By submitted a blog post or article, we assume approval to post on this website and promote on our various social media accounts. We currently do not have a budget to pay writers.

When you share your writing here, you’re blessing the ever-growing, worldwide WE community. It is a joy to partner with writers who desire to share the transformative power of the gospel with our audience. We read each submission that comes to us within one week of receiving it, but we don’t provide feedback or editing for articles we choose not to publish. Is a monthly print and digital magazine affiliated with the Free Methodist denomination. It aims to provide relevant news and inspiration and offer faith to unbelievers.

Is one of the most popular Christian magazines on the market, reaching millions of readers every month. While the majority of articles are written by regular contributors or staff writers, they do accept freelance pitches. The editors usually consider profiles, feature stories, interviews, opinion pieces, and book reviews.

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