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Writing about love and relationships after surviving cancer might provide hope to all those dealing with cancer. Let readers know that life goes on, and they will love again. Marriage and relationships as a senior are still a key part of being healthy and happy when growing old, so providing some advice on how love can work for them, even if they are older or retired. It is important to include in your posts advice for aging couples and singles, we could all benefit from a little relationship advice at any age.

If you can include your keyword in at least one sub-headline, that would be great. Once your guest post gets published, it will be accessible to a large audience. I would be delighted to receive any content that adds value to relationships and helps couples lead smooth and satisfying lives. Our community of singles is growing fast and we’re ready to expand our family of writers and experts. Following these guidelines will boost your chances of your post being selected.

Your article should have a minimum of 700 words and be related to dating, romance, marriage, building relationships, improving love life etc. Sharing Your Post – Please reciprocate by sharing your published article on TheRelationshipGuy.com and I will publish your work on this blog for free and promote it on my social media platforms. I’m guessing you’d like to share your guest article with your audience. However, if you are an experienced writer, any writing style will do fine as long as the reader is happy and the article is insightful. We believe that truly insightful topics related to relationships, love and dating cannot be explained in a paragraph or two.

Subheadings and lists – Add these to help create a structure and flow to the article, separate your ideas and make it easier for the reader to read. This helps to make the article comprehensive and detailed, instead of a long article without any subheadings and points. An author name, biography and image of the author is also required. Each author will have their own page with their own list of articles.


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Our articles are usually between 1,000 to 2,000 words, but our focus is on detail, so shorter pieces are acceptable as long as they meet our standards. You’ll be part of the fastest-growing relationship and dating advice website, meaning our rapid growth is going to benefit you too. Our goal is to provide relevant and proven advice to women of all backgrounds. We are interested in what works, and not what simply sounds good. Your post should not be a sponsored or promotional post about product and services, if you intend to promote any content on our website, kindly make use of ouradvert section. Wondering how to have a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship?

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