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To thank you for being a loyal guest, we would like to offer you an extended checkout time of 2 p.m. On .” It’s a minor, but proactive offer that could go a long way in creating a positive impression. The nice thing about creating personalized letters like this for returning guests is that you can still use one template for all returning guests. You can break it down any way you like, and create templates for different groups of guests, such as first time, returning, here for an event, etc. As a result, your site’s copy needs to be accurate and engaging, and convey an emotional connection to your prospective hotel guests. Share it with the World & get the right exposure that you deserve.

The Radisson Blu blog announcing the implementation of greener processes across its hotels. Nesea Boutique in Greece describes the exclusive features of their property and then goes on to describe the facilities in detail. At all times, a ‘Book Now’ popup remains unobtrusively in the corner of the screen. The 7132 hotel in Switzerland was featured in a novel, which ties into the story and uniqueness of the resort.

To get more direct bookings and succeed in the hotel business, you can use a hotel management system that will serve the ecosystem of the entire hotel. Take advantage of the chance to make a clear call to action when writing content for the hotel website. Once you’ve discovered what your audience likes, you’ll need to actively start content writing for hotel website as well as social media to engage the audience and help increase revenues. The buyer’s persona must include the statistics, interests, goals, desires, and habits of your customers. Analyzing your website’s monthly Google Analytics reports is an excellent method to know your audience. Then, you can start identifying what type of content your target audience enjoys reading the most.


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If yes, and you like to share your experiences with others, we are here to help you with this. We welcome everyone who wants to share their journeys with others using words. Obviously, by writing for us you earn recognition and traffic to your site from Corfu’s largest travel blog. In a nutshell, we are looking for killer travel posts that must be helpful for our visitors and fill some gaps in our site. We’ll not accept posts that look flat or very generic, without useful information. We require at least one image relevant to the submitted article with no copyright restrictions preventing us from publishing it.

If your writing skills are not sufficient please don’t even try to submit it. Your submission will be rejected as many others already. Before you think of something to write, please look at our blog.

Then write for us because our readers would love to hear about it. Unless you’re a resort, hotels tend to be facilitators of the travel experience , so try to build around that. The Hilton Rochester encourages hotel guests to envisage the potential of their multi-purpose events room.

Not everyone is Angelina Jolie, but then it is not mandatory to be world’s top actor to nurture a very niche sense of travelling. If direct bookings are looking a bit stagnant and you’re not seeing those RFPs rolling in, your website might need a little copy refresh. This stunning, boutique bed-and-breakfast hotel does a fantastic job at balancing its upscale offering with a warm, welcoming vibe.

For instance, the niche of your site is in the home improvement industry, then, look for home improvement or blog sites and ask to become one of their guest bloggers. Search engine may not like your site if you submit contents not linked to your site. Example, a real estate website has nothing to do with you niche.

Everybody loves a Buzzfeed style quiz and we’ve been knocking them out left, right and centre. The Crowne Plaza Melbourne blog encouraging family visits. Hotel Portinari in Belgium has clear CTAs across its room pages and breaks down the character of each room to suit their guests’ needs. Structure the information logically and in an easy-to-read way.

Whether you are a small family-owned business, or part of a larger hotel group, talk about your identity and what makes you special. You want it to be simple and quick for people to make a reservation at your hotel, so ensure that you have your CTAs in the right places. On a room page, for instance, your “book now” icon should be as accessible as possible. If you have a special offers section your subscription CTA should clear, too.

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