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Please do not use any photos you found on Google Images. If you want to use Creative Commons images, please cite the URL where you found them. These are longer in length, and give a good high level overview of topics. These have to be explained very clearly and have high quality custom photos. If you’re sharing a personal essay, be honest and vulnerable.

We are also receiving many inappropriate pitches that confirm that the writer did not read our guidelines or check existing posts on our blog. Ready to be part of the extended family? We are looking for talented eco-conscious writers and bloggers to contribute unique and informative content to our site.

Please note that not all submitted articles will be published. Accepted articles may be edited by us, prior or after publication, at our sole discretion. This is done to fix grammar, or to make the article comply with guidelines and integrate better with Get Green Now. If you are an expert in a relevant field, or are passionate and well-read, I want to hear from you.

I’ve generated millions of search engine visitors for myself and my clients as a result of my guest blogging and content marketing efforts. We’re happy to link out to authoritative resources and relevant content for our readers. The sentence you are currently reading is a good example of how we format links in a sentence. Please review a couple articles which have been published on our site for formatting and editorial style. We would appreciate you utilizing sub-heads appropriately and utilize our editorial standards as much as possible.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Our editorial content, including the opinion we express on products, services and merchants are not influenced in any way by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. When your article is approved for publishing, we will include a short author bio at the beginning of the article. We will edit content and review it for at least one business day. Our community is well-versed on the issues (the “what”) and the need to solve them (the “why”).

Our readers range from newbies looking to plant their first raised bed, to advanced homesteaders who live in earthen homes powered by solar panels and produce most of what they eat. Our readers make sustainable and organic choices whenever they can, and as a site we discourage wasteful consumerism. We make sure we always work with partners and suppliers that are equally committed to responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly tourism that positively engages the local people and reduced negative environmental impact. Are you an aspiring writer who is passionate about environmental, green, organic and renewable energy …..

After it, send us your full blog post & if everything is going well then your post will be published on our blog & you can share where you want. We’ll let you know about the progress of your submission within the following 72 hours of you sending it to us. Promotional content may incur publication fees, which we will inform you about after editorial review.

Unless you are dealing with a very technical topic, the grade level should be no higher than 9 and preferably less. Explain how different products are addressing this problem in 200 words. If you’d like to be involved get in touch and let us know why you’d love to be involved and, if possible, provide some examples of your work.

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