Self-Care Habits for Writers: What Are You Doing During COVID?

Originally credited to Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalism is the style of writing where you’re covering a topic or event, but you’re mixing your… Yep, I’m reading, watching Acorn shows, eating, and really doing nothing. Then last week, I stepped down from my van and turned my ankle, which resulted in breaking the bottom of my tibia.


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Honestly, I try not to think about the hours of lost productivity on freelance work spent on helping kids at home with online school. Also add a short bio with links in it to your own website, product or service. You’ll be the shining light for others and in return you get exposure with half a million fans on Facebook and other popular platforms. You’ll also get links to your blog/website.

Yaseen is a personal trainer turned professional writer and he’s obsessed with everything health, fitness, and business-related. If he isn’t at the gym, you can find him playing video games or spending time with friends and family. If you’re watching a lot of TV or scrolling through social media for hours, then a hobby can also help you reduce the time you spend on these sites. Hobbies improve your focus and keep you moving instead of prolonging sedentary behavior. As writers, it’s important to constantly reward ourselves for completing small tasks.

This also helps them work 16-hour workdays since there aren’t many distractions in their lives. If we go long periods without socializing, we can become depressed and anxious. Writers are especially prone to this since we spend most of our time alone trying to complete writing projects and books. By developing these simple habits before bed, you’ll give yourself a better chance of de-stressing and getting better quality sleep. If you’re waking up with an alarm clock, you’re cutting your sleep short. Your body is designed to wake itself once everything is healed by producing cortisol and adrenaline.

Closely , look at several back issues of the magazine, and research your topic well even before you pitch. So always remember that research is the most important part of a freelance writer’s job. We will reject all guest post submissions that contain advertising or sponsored links intended to promote a company’s products or services. No promotional links or content in the main text. You may include links to your social media handle or website in the author bio.

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