Reality Check-marine Corps Common Didn’t Rebuke Defense Secretary Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

Our global financial system and the self-determination of free nations everywhere depends on sea energy. Our nationwide security is dependent upon sea power. I don’t perceive how this administration can conclude that making the scale of our fleet even smaller will somehow deter China. I’m also concerned about the strike-fighter gap. Last year, the Navy insisted the strike-fighter gap would shut by 2025. This yr, they’re telling us it will not close till 2031, however that assumes Congress grants the Navy the relief it desires from statutory requirements to subject an air wing for it — for every deployed aircraft carrier.

Admiral, I wish to ask you a quick query. As you realize out of your shut coordination with in NNSA, much of the nuclear enterprise is in determined want of modernization. When we look at the attainable future battle with China, the timeline keeps shifting further and additional to the left.

And I will notice in the Hindu Kush in ’04, I ate enough goat and rice for a lifetime. Now, in Afghanistan and Iraq, we actually targeted on capturing, on being agile and quick, and on delivering effective overpowering hearth on the enemy. Yeah, I — I — again, I — I benefit from the list, I study lots about naval history and management after I read books in a list, but I was shocked by the — the political nature of the record final 12 months. It looks as if a — a big difference between last year and this 12 months.

And in order that — that doc has been folded into all of our leadership training packages at each degree in the Navy, both officer and enlisted. Right now they’re making a distinction in Europe. As the secretary talked about, it is a POM ’24 choice that’ll end up getting revisited.

So I know it’s above the classification stage of this listening to, but I can say with all certainty that 13 of 14 SSBNs aren’t deployed or underway on any given day. So this chart reveals that the fleet shrank from about 600 ships within the Nineteen Eighties to about 300. And it also exhibits a fast rise within the proportion of the fleet that fresha 100m series general atlantic is deployed over that course of time. Do you agree that you simply see that blue line going up? It goes from about, say 20 percent to about 35 p.c. And it is a narrative that is been lately portrayed a lot throughout discussions of the fleet that we’re actually, like, operating the fleet into the ground.

But social media posts have shared an article from a doubtful website that falsely claimed that the leader of the Marines “rebuked” the vaccine mandate. A Marine Corps spokesperson advised us “there is no truth” to the claim. FILE – In this Jan. 4, 2020, file photo an indication for at Fort Bragg, N.C., is shown. The Army and Air Force haven’t yet followed Berger’s lead, but a defense official said Tuesday that the issue of banning Confederate Army symbols is now under discussion at the highest ranges of the Pentagon.

Chairman Smith, Ranking Member Rogers, and distinguished members of the committee. But some experts agree with Berger’s deliberate changes as the finest way to evolve the Marine Corps into a pressure that can compete with China. Webb, in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, first disclosed the existence of the group. Members meet just about or in-person every day to plan their means forward and are stepping up their outreach to members of Congress. A spokesperson for Berger declined to comment on the specifics of the retired general’s criticisms, and as a substitute pointed to statements Berger has made to Congress and in public as to why the modernization push is important. The modifications are a part of a wider rethinking of how the military is funded and structured to satisfy China and Russia, that are difficult post-Cold War U.S. navy dominance.

Treat this much as we deal with the airline craft and provide the necessary help. You might call it a national maritime security program. I’m going to spend so much of time working with you gentlemen and this committee on this this year.

With regards to the LPD, the administration could be very thankful for the support of the Congress. Right now we have got over $2 billion investments right now in an LHA and in LPD as well. And we’re placing a medical functionality on there.

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