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My 3600 has better efficiency than both your i5 and R9… Did you not do a full reinstall of windows?? Did not reinstall windows, but thats what I’m seeing really helpful so might give it a shot.

I think the zen 2s would be better of a match at 1440p for a 2080 ti. If it an app capable of using extra cores it’ll do it routinely. Most newer end video games will find yourself using extra GPU before CPU.

Especially when the settings get cranked up. This recreation can do some serious harm to a decent system set to Extreme with AA, not even including pushing 4K resolutions. My gaming laptop has a GTX980M 4GB, 16GB ddr4 2133, i7-6700HQ and performs 1080 on high smoothly. I do run some settings on extreme…but tread fastidiously… My main PC can deal with it…but its got the facility to deal with it.

AMD believes it will provide optimal efficiency in video games. AMD’s Ryzen Master Tool also offers switches that allow you to experiment with dual and quadruple configurations. For the gaming benchmarks on this review, we tested the Threadripper processors with game mode enabled.

There is an homeowners thread on the Asus boards for the X470-e, should you’ve by no means checked it out, a lot of helpful hints with that particular MB. I’ve used it a lot in serving to understand my first Ryzen chip. You do realise that you simply play video games with the video card not a lot the CPU. What I would do is look for any benchmarks that use a the same CPU and GPU and see in case your new results compare.

Your FPS is extremely low for each methods so I’m assuming you’re operating excessive resolution/settings so CPU matters little or no and the GPU is the main factor. If you’ve agressive AA on, like 8x, strive turning it all the means ashes of the singularity backgrounds down to even out the bottleneck. Choose between official stores and keyshops. Official shops retail the sport keys by getting them directly via the game developer or writer. Keyshops resell the sport keys from undisclosed sources.

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