How to Get Your Content Published on Forbes and Huffington Post

The platform helps entrepreneurs and founders connect with like-minded people, collaborate, as well as publish posts on The site uncovered Stephen Glass’s journalistic fraud in The New Republic in 1998, an article that drew attention to internet journalism. The site, like the magazine, publishes many lists focusing on billionaires and their possessions, especially expensive homes, a critical aspect of the website’s popularity.

The review process typically takes around a week. If they are interested in your article, they will likely communicate with you in a few days. They will not respond to all inquires, and they are open to one follow up email. Yet, if you don’t hear anything from them after this, you can assume that your work wasn’t a good fit for their site. The content must be original and exclusive to Forbes.

Malware attacks have been noted to occur from Forbes site. In 2013, Forbes licensed its brand to Ashford University, and assisted them to launch the Forbes School of Business & Technology. Forbes would never formally endorse the school. Forbes has published the Forbes Travel Guide since 2009. In February 2022, it was announced that Cryptocurrency exchange Binance would acquire a $200 million stake in Forbes as a result of the SPAC floatation. Bruce Forbes took over after his father’s death, and his strengths lay in streamlining operations and developing marketing.

Additionally, having the ability to write a lot goes a long way. This goes hand in hand with loving to write, because writers who love it often write more. Forbes likes its writers to be able to write a post a week. You must be able to figure out if you are capable and willing to do that. When you pitch to Forbes, show that you are capable of the position of Forbes contributor.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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This will give you a good idea of what works on Forbes and what doesn’t. Blog writing is one of the most commonly outsourced parts of marketing, between blog management… In 2016 (I’m unsure of the exact date; let me know if you know when it was), Forbes introduced the Councils system. Forbes Councils are essentially regional or topical authority groups.

Please note, Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful Forbes Magazine. We are employed by a media company, and if we took money in exchange for writing editorial, it would be an industry scandal. We’re talking about big, established brands that employ professional journalists.

The contributor network is like that fake cover, an esteemed publisher being abused by people with bad intentions. Except Forbes can’t stop the world from photoshopping its covers; it can cut off the credibility leak it’s had since 2010. Yael Grauer, a freelancer who’s written for Forbes and many other outlets, says she’s gotten as many as 12 offers like Satyam’s in a single month, which she always rejects. Some are surprisingly straightforward, like a marketer who simply asked how much she charged for an article in Slate or Wired. Others are coy, like a representative of a firm called Co-Creative Marketing, who heaped praise on her writing before asking whether she could get content published in Forbes or Wired on behalf of a client. As a result, Entrepreneur removed the offending articles.

If you are pitching guest blog posts, the editor might want to see the final document before he can accept. Sending finished articles to magazine publishers is a sign that you are a newbie. If your pitch includes too many links, attachments, and is too wordy it won’t get read. Forbes writers get inundated with pitches from PR firms and entrepreneurs looking to get coverage.

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