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You can choose to advertise with us if that’s what you want to do. Also, please respect other writers work and make sure the content is unique and not just copied from others. We also insist the articles are in English and well written.

For a fast turnaround, do send your proposed article title and your website link. We’re looking for passionate industry professionals to write thought leadership articles for MarketingTech. Most consumers use some kind of social media, though the type you will focus on will depend on the behavior of your target market. Words- Don’t write too short or too long articles. After submitting a revised version of your article, if it’s a good fit, we will publish it.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Proof read, edited, original contributions, should not have been posted anywhere in the past. To send us an email, please useour contact form. Once we receive your email – we will get back to you with next steps. We will consider all other topics on a discretionary basis. Further, we will share it across our social handles. We would appreciate it if you share it with your audience for a more significant impact.

Never before could a single person reach so many other people, in so many ways, instantaneously, with such ease. As long as your topic and expertise are in place, we’re good to go. Unlike others, we don’t have strict guidelines with the writing style. This need not be mentioned in the post itself but can be sharing while sending the article. Mention 3 topics that you know well and want to write about.

Some creators who make videos or podcasts use that as their sole business. Internet marketing uses customers’ online activity to connect them with a business by reaching them in a variety of places on the internet. The types of internet marketing a business uses will depend on the business model, types of products, target customers, budget, and more.

Don’t be afraid to tackle controversial topics as well. People will talk about your guest post when you write something interesting enough. The Balance uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles.

We are in search of innovative and creative writers, bloggers and professionals to digital marketing write for us and contribute articles. We accept guest posts and are looking for talented contributors that specialize in topics related to digital marketing. You can choose to write for us on digital marketing topics, SEO or social media marketing write for us.

A company may be marketing online to communicate a message about itself or to conduct research. If you’re seeking the opportunity to reach a new audience and write about something that matters, you’re in the right place. We welcome high quality content of value to our readers. I came across internet marketing school when I was looking for the best digital marketing institute that would provide practical knowledge about Digital Marketing.

Internet marketing (also known as online marketing, e-marketing, or web marketing,) is an all-inclusive term used to describe marketing activities conducted online. We encourage you to digital marketing write for us and share your opinions, stories, ideas and knowledge with our reader base. And, with SEO, social media marketing, internet marketing and PPC write for us articles, you can also share your amazing accomplishments you might have made in the field. Write about anything from conversion rates to real-time bidding and other areas where you might be considered an authority on the subject. When you write guest posts for us, you’ll also be boosting your SEO. This is because you’ll be able to include links back to your website in your guest post.

The content should be relevant to our website and include suitable analytics, images, infographics and graphics. Please refrain from using elements that may contain watermarks or have copyright issues. Upload the article and the images to a Google Drive folder and share the link in the message box. For any edits, we’ll write the comments in the article document itself. Mention the category, tags, meta tags and the author bio. We try hard to publish the submitted articles and posts as soon as possible.

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