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So naturally, under this new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, anyone with prominent Scorpio placements (sun, moon, rising, and/or Scorpio stellium) will likely feel its heightened energy. Gerolamo Cardano cast the horoscope of king Edward VI of England, while John Dee was the personal astrologer to queen Elizabeth I of England. Catherine de Medici paid Michael Nostradamus in 1566 to verify the prediction of the death of her husband, king Henry II of France made by her astrologer Lucus Gauricus. Major astronomers who practised as court astrologers included Tycho Brahe in the royal court of Denmark, Johannes Kepler to the Habsburgs, Galileo Galilei to the Medici, and Giordano Bruno who was burnt at the stake for heresy in Rome in 1600. The distinction between astrology and astronomy was not entirely clear. Advances in astronomy were often motivated by the desire to improve the accuracy of astrology.

Frank was honoured with The Charles Harvey Award in 2012, a writing award from ISAR in 2016, and a Regulus Award nomination at UAC 2018. When this is not the case, it’s usually because the publishers want the freedom to use your text again later in a different volume (often under someone else’s name). They will offer a flat fee for your writing and take the copyright from under you, so only sign if this is agreeable to you.

Luckily, most writers are sincere and keen to let publishers and editors do what they do best. One writer’s book that I published some years ago was originally a collection of interviews. The author was open to crafting these into chapters around particular themes, which made all the difference to the final product. Check out the publishers who have put out books that have shaped your ideas, published the authors you admire, and produced covers and layouts that appeal to you. These might be mainstream publishers (who usually stick to producing Sun sign books or volumes that don’t require readers to know more than the basics) or small publishing houses that specialise in astrology, MBS or esoteric titles.


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You should definitely look into the best astrological guest posting sites if you have an interest in either writing or reading about such subjects. These people have studied astrology in-depth to develop a deep knowledge of the Zodiac, the stars, astrological events, and the lunar calendar. To become a professional, you don’t need to follow one set path.

We are always happy to hear from new contributors and are very interested in reading what you have to say. Use “AA Writer’s Pitch” as your subject line and be sure to include your working title as well as a brief description of what your article will be about. We’re always looking for new ideas, or a new perspective on familiar topics. Astrology Answers gets around16 million page views per month. Your article, name and biography will reach a large and invested audience.

Excelebiz is one of the aggressively growing platforms which are dedicated to provide a platform where passionate bloggers, content writers or whomsoever wants to write for the world can write. In 1985 The Twelve Houses became an instant astrological classic – the first time this area of astrology had been explored with modern psychological insight. Over twenty years later, this best-selling handbook remains fresh, contemporary and relevant – an essential volume that is still considered the definitive work on the subject, and a favourite among students and professionals alike. Most books are now published POD , meaning that publishers print copies when they’ve received orders from bookshops, wholesalers or distributors. This saves 2000 copies of a book sitting in a warehouse gathering dust and turning brown!

The blog or content writer must have better research knowledge, writing skills, and appreciative abilities. You can be an incredible blogger with incredible skills, but if you don’t put yourself out there to a wide range of readers, no one will know who you are. What are some ways to show that you can attract a significant audience with your astrology blog posts?

Include any past reviews or future endorsements from noted people in the field. Bāru , who observed and interpreted the celestial omina, was thus in a position to advise his royal employer on the means of avoiding misfortunes; the omens provided a basis for intelligent action rather than an indication of an inexorable fate. Priscillianists —the stars merely make manifest the will of God to those trained in astrological symbolism.

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